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As far back as I can remember, I would wake up from my nap time to the smell and sounds of something cooking in the kitchen. I would stumble out of my bed and slowly make my way to the kitchen. My mom would be there chopping, stirring, mixing, or washing. I would rub my eyes take a deep breath and eventually be awake enough to either taste something she was chopping or ask to help out.

Boston Marathon 2014: Race On

  The Boston Marathon is the ultimate, elite running race.  The first big race I witnessed was the Barcelona Marathon because my boyfriend and I happened to be in town on race day.  When we moved to Boston, and I … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Carrot Pancakes with Honey and Almonds (Recipe)

In this recipe, Chef Jeremy Sewall uses ripe bananas as the sugar.  They have plenty of sweetness themselves but go ahead and top them with a drizzle of honey and almonds for a little “icing on the cake”.  They are … Continue reading

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Virus Action: Heartbleed & Passwords

The only good thing these viruses, computer bugs, and security breaches do for me is remind me how reliant I am on a tool that I barely understand. They make me want to learn more. The way we use computers … Continue reading

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Two Ice Cream Guys Walk Into a Bar: Ben & Jerry’s New Name for Toffee Heath Bar Crunch

Maybe you noticed something different when you stopped in for free cone day yesterday. Or, maybe you’ll just continue asking for it by it ‘s old name. Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch has a new name and not … Continue reading

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Spring 2014: A little if this & a little of that

It is spring in Boston and we all still have our shovels and ice scrapers at the ready lest we jinx the season. We smell the damp spring air. We see the crocuses in bloom, and our hearts sing just … Continue reading

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Chef Jeremy Sewall’s Cucumber Lime Mint Mocktail (Recipe)

Chef Sewall, of Lineage, Island Creek Oyster Bar and Row 34, talked about the virtues of mint not just in your cocktail or mocktail.  He suggested tossing a little in with your salad to brighten it up.  You can also … Continue reading

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National Nutrition Month: Healthy Eating a Menu by Chef Jeremy Sewall

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.  I know the reality of it is that I’m glad I live in the modern world. (Who am I kidding? I get annoyed if my computer is slow for a … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Sidestepping the Rat Race or Stomping on the Tails

It’s nothing new “housewife”, “stay at home parent”, “full time mom”, are all given lip service as something somewhere between “the hardest job on earth” and “must be so nice”.  I say “something” because it is not often regarded as … Continue reading

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Five Essential Apps for Blogging On the Go

I recently wrote on Habitual Home a post with a photo of my mussed bed and the header “This is where the magic happens”. Get your mind out of the gutter I am talking about blogging here. I am a … Continue reading

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Sundays are for Navel Grazing: Brunch at Puritan & Co

You walk into Sunday brunch at Puritan & Co. and the room is buzzing with energy.  Once you settle in though, time seems to slow.  You can get lost in conversation, linger over a few last crumbs on your plate … Continue reading

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