One Perfect Day Project

In those moments just after your child falls asleep for the night and just before you get up to end your day big thoughts tend to wiggle their way into your head.  On a rainy Saturday evening in October, I started thinking about disappointment and joy.  I started to think about a new goal, realistic or not, of having one perfect day.

As I began to think about what that would be I realised that it is less about a day of perfect events or a perfect schedule or perfectly behaving children.  It is more about putting a finger on what perfect would be, would feel like, would include.  Perfect might be the overlap of what one hopes for and what one actually experiences.  Pretty good is when what you expect to happen happens.  Perfect is when what you hope for happens.  I think it all involves some sort of orchestration of the many unknowns and “unpredictables” of life as well as the ability to figure out what you have the power to accept and what you have the power to change.

This section is for my musings and discussions (with you dear reader) about what would make my, your, their one perfect day.  It is my new way of thinking about and approaching the days ahead.

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