To Outlet or not to Outlet

I’m not a big fan of outlet shopping, mostly because the outlets aren’t what they used to be.  Most outlet stores are just a store like any other, but there are a few exceptions.  On the way home from celebrating Chanukah with my brother in Portland, and sneaking in a trip to Duckfat, we stopped at Kittery because the kids needed snow gear.  On the way home we stopped at AJ’s just by chance when our babysitter, adopted older daughter/mother to my older daughter Jen searched “gluten free” on Yelp!  It might have been the highlight of Kittery shopping.

I was able to get some great deals at the Hanna Andersson outlet, a few goodies at Coach (for myself and my girlfriends), and a top for Dan (future ironman) at Under Armour.  All in all, it was pretty good but I still think no better than an after holiday sale.  In any case, if you still need something, I highly recommend going to Hanna Andersson‘s website for their online sale.

May you enter the new year clothed, warm, and with a few extra pennies in your pocket.

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