A Delicious 88 Acres: Nut-Free Snacking

“He eats like a bird.” is often said with a scrunched-up nose and a bit of a snarl.  With 88 Acres though, eating like a bird is a good thing especially if you can find a bag of their incredibly addictive, smart, and delicious chocolate and sea salt seednola. 88 Acres is an interesting company….

Drink for a Cause: Negroni Week in Boston

 Campari is a sunset red liqueur that is perfect for summer.  It is also an essential ingredient for the Negroni.  From June 1st through June 7th over 2,510 bars and restaurants are celebrating Negroni week to raise money for charity.  Charities include the Developing Minds Foundation (Brick & Mortar), Rosie’s Place (BRIX Wine Shop), Greater…