Thanksgiving: Throwing in the Kitchen Towel

You’ve driven what used to take three hours and now takes seven with the kids and it is just not manageable.  You invited family to your place and inevitabely someone wasn’t happy with the arrangements.  You tried cooking the turkey and it took three hours longer than expected.  You ordered prepared foods and couldn’t keep track of everyone’s dietary requirements, get the food all in one store and you don’t have enough room in the oven to reheat everything.  So what now?  Throw in the towel!

Here is list of restaurants where you can make reservations.  Send an evite to family and have them join you there.    If you’re worried it won’t feel like Thanksgiving then choose a tradition to make it become Thanksgiving.  Have drinks at your place first.  Have everyone come over for pie and coffee afterwards.  Bring grandma’s gravy boat and ask the kitchen to serve the gravy in it.

Bon appetit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: eviteBostonchefs.compingg

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