Move Over Poultry Here Comes Pasta

My husband came home with a plea for no more poultry.  We don’t eat a lot of red meat because it is expensive and not our favourite food.  We usually cook quite a bit of vegetarian and fish dishes, but I haven’t made it to the fish monger or the produce section of the grocery store this week.  I am still used to our weekly CSA bounty and haven’t taken into consideration that the crops have been tucked under their blankets for winter.

The solution for today:  Pasta.  Capone Foods on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, is a great place to shop for an easy dinner.  The whole family likes pasta, it is relatively inexpensive and it’s quick.  I bought their chive pasta that I will serve with a fresh green salad and some scallops (or a cheaper white fish if scallops are expensive today).

Capone Foods will be having an open house tomorrow, Saturday December 6th, from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.  As a nice afternoon outing with the kids you could park at Capone Foods, 2285 Massachusetts Ave, sample some of their gift and entertaining ideas.  I picked up a gift for my mom who is a ginger and cookie fanatic.  They will also have special pricing on pre-order items by the case.  You could put together some fabulous gift baskets custom tailored to the recipient’s taste.  After Capone Foods you can walk down toward Porter Square.  Why not stop in at China Fair for some baskets and ribbons for your gift basket?  You can get some treats at Pemberton Farms.  There are plenty of places to grab lunch as well.  If the children need incentive for the walk you can have Stellabella toys as your final destination.

If you feel like leaving the kids with their sitter, or “the other” parent.  Then you can treat yourself to a massage at nearby Sollievo either before or after the Capone Foods Open house.  Then you’ll come back renewed with dinner!  Who could ask for anything more?

Buon appetito.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Lunch: Zing PizzaCafe BaradaCapone Foods Massage:  Sollievo Playtime:  Stellabella

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