Double Black Diamond: The Weekly Bump Goes Vertical

I guess it is because it is the beginning of the year, but this week’s weekly bump is more of a mountain than a bump.  So here goes:

Online:  Dinner and a Movie

Kids Off the Couch, a weekly email that pairs a film with an activity, is featuring soup this week.  The movie is The Tale of Despereaux and the soup is Chef Suzanne Goin‘s Minestrone. Caroline Styne, co-owner and Chef Goin are based in L.A. and are of AOC and Lucques fame.

ID Required: Raising the Bar

Saving is on a lot of people’s mind these days.  That means that maybe you’re not penciling in the babysitter and night out quite so often.  That doesn’t mean you can’t  nurse a drink for a couple of hours with some friends or your significant other.  You just have to change locations.  No babysitter required.  Head over to The Boston Shaker and pick up the right supplies.  If you need a little guidance, owner of this cocktail tool and supply store (within a store) Adam Lantheaume, will guide you.  In January, he seems to be on the premises on Tuesdays at 3:00, Fridays at noon, and some Sundays at noon.

No ID Required:  Raising the Barista

We’ve cut back a bit on our Starbucks habits.  I notice it because the lines aren’t as long as they once were, and okay I haven’t quite cut back yet.  It’s a nice routine I have with the kids (not every day) where they get a chance to have a treat and they love to people watch, dance on the rug, sit in the big cushy chairs, and I get to sit and enjoy a warm beverage.  It’s cheaper than therapy and quite therapeutic.  In any case, if you need a special occasion coffee bar then this is your lucky day!  Voltage Coffee is a traveling espresso bar.  They  have a menu of eight basic drinks including one for the tea drinkers and five signature drinks.  Voltage coffee’s commitment is to serve delicious coffee, roasted relatively locally in Lee, MA, but doesn’t stop there.  Lucy Valena, the of Voltage Coffee, is not only a coffee lover, but she is an artist.  There is nothing better than a perfect foam on top of your crema, but when there’s a design on top it just takes it to a whole other level.  I have had one or two of my favourite Krazy Kaps at Hi Rise served to me with a little design and I can’t explain the joy it brought without sounding a little bit crazy myself.  I guess you’ll just have to experience it.

Family Dinners in Wellesley

Alta Strada Restaurant in Wellesley will be serving family style dinners,  “just like Sunday dinners at Nonna’s” on Sundays starting this week.  They also have two classes scheduled for this year.  A mozzarella making class on January 15th at 6:30.  You can have wine and hors d’oeuvres while Market Mike teaches you the techniques for making this classic cheese.  There will also be a pasta making class with chef Michael Schlow, but the date has not yet been set.

Pizza We Deliver

Zing pizza has finally come alive online and on the street.  The street is Mass. Ave in Porter Square.  They say, “Always fresh, often organic, definitely inspired.  Most importantly in this weather….they deliver!!!  I have a fabulous coupon (available at Cafe Zing inside Porter Square Books).  I can’t wait to have some brought to my steps!

Bon appetit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Kids Off the Couch (blog), Girls night in with The Boston ShakerVoltage Coffee ServicesZing Pizza on Chowhound,

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