Inauguration Day: Celebrate, Delegate and Separate

There is a lot of wining and dining going on tomorrow, Tuesday, December 20th, in honour of President Obama’s inauguration.  Around here, I think there will be mostly whining and dining.  There is school tomorrow, which will be abuzz with the day and work which will have perhaps more “water cooler talk” than usual.  I will get the chance to watch a little bit before picking up my daughter from school at 1:00.

My solution for the parents to enjoy the day:  celebrate, delegate and separate.  Celebrate because you can and how could you not?  Take a moment wherever you are to listen, watch, share (if you can be with others) and be totally absorbed by what is going on tomorrow.  It’s a good time to get out of your parent role for a brief moment and perhaps get back in touch with your old political self, or philosophical self, or simply social self.

Delegate by picking up some prepared food somewhere for lunch and why not dinner too (the same places that had great prepared foods at Thanksgiving offer great prepared foods year-round).  Let someone else do your cooking so you can check out of the kitchen and into the study, den, friend’s house, Harvard Square, wherever you’ll be participating from.

Separate.  If you have young kids I think they might be interested in what you’re watching for a few minutes, but then their interest may wain.  Set them up with the DVD player and a movie.  Take all the cushions off the living room seating and throw in a couple blankets and let the kids go wild for a bit.

Bonne chance Obama. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Johnny’s List of Weird Boston Events,WBUR,  Early Childhood Parenting Examiner Inauguration IdeasBoston.comABC The Boston Channel (TV)

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