Listen to Your Mother: Hydrate

My mom is the one who taught me to buy a case of water to keep in the back of the car so I would drink enough water.  It usually stayed cool enough in the summer and then when the snow began to fall, I had to stop buying water because it would just freeze.  I used to drink water all the time as a dancer out of habit and necessity, but as a mom I’m constantly pouring myself glasses of water then putting them down because something came up:  diaper change, spilled orange juice, Isabelle did her own eye make-up,  Henry’s on the porch in his socks in December,  and the list goes on.

I am the one who taught my mom that it’s just not good to buy bottled water anymore.  So we have moved on to the Sigg bottles and the  BPA-free Nalgene bottles and the I Am Not a Paper Cup.  Now we fill our re-useable bottles regularly and bring them wherever we go.

Now that I’m on twitter, I have @skinnyjeans to remind me to hydrate.  It really works for me.

Most recently, my mom sent me off a quick email telling me about freezing meat.  What does this have to do with hydration?  Well she has  a great little tip of how to freeze meat so it doesn’t get all dried out (de-hydrated).  I do not like to cook from the freezer.  I go to the freezer for my coffee (yes I know there’s a debate about that), my ice cream (when I give in and buy it), the kids’ Kashi waffles (for breakfast) and my smoothie ingredients.  That is about it.  Every once in a while though I will have some meat that I need to freeze.  My mom’s tip is to marinate the meat in olive oil, season withsea salt and freshly ground black pepper, wrap it in plastic wrap, and seal in a freezer bag.  Then, toss it in the freezer, the olive oil protects the meat from dehydration.

So now you can go hydrate yourself without hurting the planet and freeze your meat in such a way that you won’t mind cooking and eating it at a later date.

Bon appetit et à vôtre santé. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: 10 BPA-free Nalgene Alternatives (The Green Blog), Skinny Jeans Blogs

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