Conversations: On Love and Nipples

Part I:

Love:  If you’re going to dis me dis me like this.

This evening there was plenty of excitement when daddy was home early to come with us to pick Henry up from daycare.  Then off he went to do some spring skiing with colleagues from work and off we went to have an easy dinner at Bertucci’s.

As we sipped our waters and lemonades, Henry said, “Mommy, I love you.”  My response was first, “Henry, do you need to go potty?”  It’s not as weird as it sounds…trust me.  Somehow “I love you.” became code for “I need to go potty.”  This time it wasn’t, so I added, “I love you too, Henry.  I love you as big as the sky.”  Then he replied, “Mommy …  I don’t love you … um, I don’t like you  … I don’t like you when you leave me.”

“I know.”  I replied.

Part II

Nipples:  What are these?

As we got ready for bed this evening, Henry decided he wanted his top off.  Isabelle and Henry and I piled into his bed with a stack of books.  First, it was tickle time though.   Henry asked us to blow bubbles on his belly and he giggles out of control pushing us away and asking for more.  Then the children quiet down as Isabelle clicks her tongue, as she does when she’s relaxing, and strokes any bit of exposed skin she can find (this time I got a break and Henry had his belly rubbed).  Henry, the night owl, is not tired so we bring Isabelle half asleep to her room for one last story.  Snug in her bed and fast asleep we head out to start Henry’s bedtime again.

As we sit and chat a while, Henry rubs his chest and asks, “Mommy, what are these?”  “They are nipples.”  I reply.  He rubs them and asks how they come off.  I explain that just like our nose, and fingers and fingernails they are part of us and they’re supposed to stay there.  He thinks for a minute and then says, “Mommy, I think that if you eat round foods, that’s where these come from.  That’s how they get on you.”

Not sure if he’ll be wanting any more carrot “coins”  or should I say “nipples” for dinner.

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