Bedtimes Bites…I mean Books

The problem with reading bedtime stories (Chapter Books no less) like Everything on a Waffle and now Dumpling Days is that by the time you get downstairs all of a sudden you’re craving dim sum or you feel like cooking up a batch of perfectly boiled potatoes. 

We started off just listening to Polly Horvath‘s Everything on a Waffle in the car (from a CD from the library).  Both my then 7 year old daughter and I loved it so much, we’ve since read it several times and listened to several other of her books on CD.  It’s the kind of book that I find myself wrapped up in until I look up in the rear view mirror and realise that I dropped the kids off at school a chapter ago.  

Now we’re reading Grace Lin‘s Dumpling Days and I find myself reading and at the same time trying to remember whether the China Pearl in Woburn is supposed to be as good as the China Pearl in Boston and almost tasting this really delicious sweet rice dish wrapped in a leaf that I had months ago at Yangtze River‘s dim sum. …Okay now I’m really hungry!!


And I’m thinking…I really need to make it back to East by Northeast for brunch…or any meal again soon.

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