Gifts for Everyone: Your village, your community

There are loads of people we see every day without whom we just couldn’t function.  Teachers, neighbors, coffee shop servers, mail carriers, dry cleaners, and dog walkers just to name a few.  You know those people that if they’re not there one day, you really notice!  Don’t forget to let them know you appreciate them.

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  1. Teacher says:

    Teachers on this same list? I didn’t get a master’s degree from Harvard to deliver packages.


    1. leahklein says:

      Not many teachers I know, including myself got a master’s degree in teaching to deliver packages, but I respect my mailman as much as I respect my children’s teachers for the hard work they do. I do consider teachers to be community members that perhaps we don’t know as well as our friends, neighbors, and family. Also, especially in public school, gift giving involves conflict of interest and has legislated guidelines, therefore families, who want to gibve more than a heartfelt letter/card like to offer a small token of their appreciation for the hard work that teachers do. Hope that makes sense.


    2. alloutkicks25 says:

      @Teacher – Congrats on your degree from Harvard. All that gives you is well, a degree. That doesn’t put you on a pedestal above everyone else who serves the community; a package/mail deliverer, trash collector, nurse, doctor, barista, police, firefighters and anyone else who you seem to think your above because of a piece of paper with your name on it from a school which (despite what YOU may think) not everyone is impressed that you attended. This season is about giving to those we love and thanking people in our lives that we care about and who help make everyone else’s lives a little better 365 days a year. Its not about who got a degree from what school or who does what job. Everyone from the trash collectors to the teachers to the politicians, play an integral part in how our society is run and some especially deserve to be thanked. SO, yes I am sorry to say that you and the mailman are in the the same boat of people we should be thanking at this time of year. Thank YOU teacher for what you do in our classrooms. May I request that you don’t pass along your pompous and pretentious ways to the children of tomorrow.


  2. USAFfamily says:

    The first commenter sounds like what most people stereotype a Harvard graduate as…an elitist. Thankfully I know this isn’t the case as I have wonderful friends that are Harvard graduates and don’t think of themselves as being too good to be include on a list with our mail carriers.

    With regards to the content of the article itself, I think it’s beautiful to remember and show our appreciation to those who impact our lives even if it’s only for a brief moment.


    1. alloutkicks25 says:

      Agreed! I love my friends from Harvard.


  3. Lm says:

    Please keep teachers on your list of people who deserve appreciation, whether the fellow folks are more or less educated. Obviously ones level of education is irrelevant when determining whether they deserve ones appreciation. As the first poster illustrates, some highly educated folks might not be so worthy.


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