Valentine’s Day Part 1 Accomplished

Every day I sacrifice.  Not in a meaningful or spiritual way.  More in a I sacrifice 2/3 of my “to do” list in order to accomplish the other 1/3.  Today I got all my important work done.  I got my children from place to place on time with various tasks done at each point.  I even made it out to a Boston Brunchers event which is part fun / part blogging / part networking /another part fun.  And I sacrificed some of my writing (which will wait until tomorrow) so I could put together a book I’ve been meaning to do for each of my children.  The incentive to get it done, was to have it for Valentine’s Day.  The extra push was a 30% discount on Shutterfly (plus free shipping).

I know the books are not perfect, but I hope they’ll be meaningful for my kids because they don’t hear enough how wonderful they are.

(Friends and family can see the photo books here. Just ask me for the password.)

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