Appy to share…

Speaking of appily ever after here are some of our favorite apps.


Social Media & other apps that I use for work:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Gmail, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, Facebook Pages Manager, Google Local, MailChimp, Four Square, Eventbrite, Paymo

Food Social Media Apps I use for work and play:

Forkly, Nosh, Chef’s Feed, Yelp, OpenTable, Urbanspoon


Camera+, Cartoonatic, ColorSplurge, Incredibooth, Flayvr, Instagram, Stop Motion, and Paper Camera


Hailo, Urbanspoon, Best Parking


LevelUp, Groupon, LivingSocial, Jo-Ann, Zappos, Rue La La, Starbucks

Children’s Games:

We love all the Toca Games.  We have many others, but each family has their own boundaries for what a “good” game might be.  I don’t know enough about the other games my children choose to recommend them or not because I don’t know what they like about them

Communication, Documents, Music:

HeyTell, Skype, TurboScan, Pandora, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Drive

Educational (actually helpful learning tools not just games that aren’t offensive but don’t actually help teach much.):

Reader BuddyRusty’s Math Facts, Whacky Math, SightWords1, Maths Adventure with Fast Facts!

Sometimes rote memorization is an important part of learning.  This is where apps come in handy to make it just a bit more fun. 

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