Bagels and Lox Love in Cambridge

A couple of people across from me are having the most delicious looking Bagel and Lox sandwiches Sarah’s Market in Observatory Hill / Huron Village Voice . It is loaded with lox, tomatoes (yeah I know its not the season but just wait…they’ll only get better.), and onions. If you want capers you can have them thrown on. I had to do a triple take when I looked at the chalkboard $5.99 ! It has got to be one of the best deals in town.


I love Iggy’s bagels (Sarah’s uses Iggy’s as well) and they also make a great lox sandwich that are all ready to go, but I am not a fan of capers. The Iggy’s lox sandwich has lox, cream cheese, capers and onions. It is also a nice price at $6.00.

Henrietta’s Table has a smoked salmon platter with house-smoked salmon, tomato, bagel and chive cream cheese. I think that chives are the perfect thing on top of smoked salmon. Especially freshly ripped out of the garden, and snipped over smoked salmon, but if I’m going out for breakfast and I want to relax and enjoy a slow peaceful morning I love Henrietta’s Table. Not only because what’s not to love about Chef Davis, the space is airy, sunny and filled with local art, and it’s a hotel so you’ve got people from all over the world dining around you. It’s like a mini vacation with a side of people watching.

Darwin’s is just about as far opposite as you can get from Henrietta’s Table. You’ve got the bustle of the locals who like their routines, and might scrunch their noses at anyone who doesn’t know “how it works” here. Local or visitor though, Darwin’s is a spot to try. Stand your ground, and settle into one of the cushy chairs or a table in a sunny spot. The Brattle is their smoked salmon sandwich. It is smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, capers and onions, but it is made to order so you can choose what to leave off or add in. The Brattle is $8.80.

Other places to try: S&S Restaurant, Crema Café, Hi Rise Bread Co.


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