Newborn Cries


I love babies. I always have. As a child as soon as I was strong enough to hold a baby I would. The cries did not deter me, I just wanted to soothe and hold the little beings. As a mother, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and head over heels in love with my newborns. But something happens once you’re a mother, a newborn’s cry is not only heard but felt like a mild electric jolt running through my body.

My kids are big now and it’s rare that I get that feeling anymore…. until today.

Today, we have a baby chickthat hatched in my son’s Kindergarten class staying over for the night before he heads out to the farm. The little body is fluffy and nestled in a box filled with shredded paper. The moment we walked into the house he began a high pitcher chirp and has not yet stopped. My body feels electric, and my motherhooded self has been dragged back to those car rides anywhere when my daughter would scream and screech until we reached our destination.

The only saving grace is this brief moment before we rush out the door for afternoon activities.

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  1. Ashley B. says:

    What you said about not only hearing newborn cries, but also feeling them too is so true! My youngest is not technically a baby anymore, she is 3, and my oldest is 8- but I still get the same feeling when they cry out in injury, or whimper during their sleep. On a seperate note: Oh my goodness, that baby chick is so adorable!!!!!


    1. leahklein says:

      Mine are 8 and 6 and still they can make that electricity, from joy, fear, sadness, or pain run through me! And yes that chick was super cute but also piercingly chirpy!


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