Happy Canada Day, Eh?: A Canada Day Abécédaire-Abecedarian

CN Tower Canada Day
A is for Alberta, Algonquin, and Aboriginal.
B is for Beavers, Butter Tarts, and Beaver Tails.
C is for Canuck, CDN, CN Tower, and CN Railway.
D is for Ducks Unlimited. Desert Rose Café, Dalvay By the Sea and Danforth.
E is for Eaton’s, Edmonton and Eglinton.
F is for French, Fairmount Bagels, and Flags.
G is for Guelph and gorges in Elmira and Elora.
H is for Hockey and Danai Ho.
I is for Ice.
J is for Jasper
K is for Kraft Dinner, Ketchup Chips and K.D. Lang.
L is for the Locks in Sault Sainte Marie.
M is for Montreal, Mounties, Mennonites, Manitoba and Maple Sugaring.
N is for Nanaimo Bars, NBC -National Ballet of Canada, and Nunavut.
O is for Ontario (my home province)
P is for Poutine, Prince Edward Island and the Plateau
Q is for Québec and the Queen of Winter Carnival.
R is for Royal Canadian Mounted Police .
S is for Smarties, snow, and Sherbrooke.
T is for Toronto, toque, and tuque. (and Tia who reminded me to add Winnipeg, Manitoba)
U is for colour, and honour, and neighbor.
V is for Vancouver and Villeneuve for the Grand Prix.
W is for Waterloo, Westmount, Winnipeg and Whistler and Chef Anthony Walsh.
X is for x-country skiing on the golf course.
Y is for Yellowknife.
Z is for zzzzzz and your pillow where you lay your head because in Canada ‘z’ rhymes with ‘head’ and for that matter ‘bed’.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. tia says:

    No W for Winnipeg or M Manitoba? Rude. 😦


    1. leahklein says:

      Oops! I better add those in! My mom is born and raised there and my dad went to uni there!


    2. leahklein says:

      I also added in one more ‘t’


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