…and they lived ‘appily ever after: Apps, iPhone, Life

I am a bit if a clutter bug when it comes to my house and my iPhone. In an ideal world it is all organized, I have what I need where I need it and I recycle or donate the rest. The reality is that I have piles or folders here and there and not enough time to sort through it all on a regular basis.


I work on my phone, the kids play on my phone, and a good part of our lives is kept organized here as well. It’s easy to add to the app mix because I have a general rule. All apps must be free. Then there are a few rule breakers. If it’s an app I know I will use and really like I’ll pay $0.99. Rules are broken for app companies I respect and love such as Toca Boca.

I have apps for photos and video, apps for tracking work projects, apps for math facts, cocktail recipes, kitchen conversions and more. Today, I really broke the rules. I splurged, but I am sure it will be worth it!


In fact, I have garlic scapes, zucchini, carrots and cabbage in the counter so I’ll put it to the test.

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