Movie Night: Monster University

After a very hot week with one child home, one at tennis camp and husband busy with a crazy week at work, we planned a first ever family movie night at the cinema. I have come to terms that movies are expensive these days and now that we are four tickets instead of two it adds up. I’m okay with that, but I want to be in a nice comfy theatre then. No broken chairs, no sticky floor, no miniature screen. I’ll take all that in the art house cinema. So, we headed to AMC Burlington, went early to get tickets and then grabbed a quick dinner at HMart.

Source: theatre

Age: 8 years and 6 years old

Parent Rating: enjoyable

Child Rating: one and a half thumbs up

Morals, Lessons Learned, Positive messages: The little guy can come out on top but it takes a little effort. There is more than one way to the top! And the classic, oft repeated: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t give up. Follow your dreams.

Warnings, Stereotypes, Disappointments: I’m sure there were plenty but nothing bothered me much. I guess the cheerleader sorority who on second glance had the vicious hissing and devilish red eyes were a bit of a stereotype but hey, I knew plenty of those in High School and college. Some might not like that success was had by working their way up from the mail room and not by getting a college degree, but with the state of universities in this country and the cost, I don’t think it ‘s a bad thing.

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