Feeling Green: Gardening with Starbucks

Whether you’re a daily Venti Americano drinker or an occasion shaken Passion ‘Tea-totaller’, love or hate Starbucks, they’ve got something your garden likes and they give it away too.

Starbucks has wonderful bags of grounds for you to pick up and add as a brown layer to your compost or to sprinkle around your hydrangeas to keep them blue.


Coffee grounds are very acidic so don’t add too many to your compost heap. On the other hand, Hydrangeas, if you like them blue, need acidic soil. The colour of hydrangeas is a reflection of the soil in which they grow.

So, if this heat has not yet turned your petals to a toasty brown and you want more sky blue in your garden, then pick up a bag of grounds. Some Starbucks stores have a basket out front with packs of grounds, others just require that you ask for them.

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