The App Life: Ink

I love my apps. Most of them are not games but I have fun playing. It’s just that I like to play with photos and social media. The rest of them are tools for my work/life and games for the kids.

One of the newest apps that I love is Ink. I have always loved sending letters and cards. Ok, maybe not those early years of Thank You letters when each word was a struggle and handwriting was a school chore. Since children, my letter writing and card sending has been replaced partially because of lack of time and also thanks to Facebook.

Ink is my new happy medium! I can send cards when I’m sitting in a piano lesson or waiting to checkout at the grocery store.


When I lived in France, la rentrée was a big deal. Back in Canada, back to school was about new shoes and a chance to pull out the flannel shirts. As a teacher, back to school was about classroom prep and lists of new student names. Last year, with my own children it was about transitioning from one school to the next. This year, the kids are seasoned students so I decided to send them each some Back to School mail.


For less than it costs to buy some cards, you can pick, customize, write and send cards straight from your phone. Heaven!


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