Walking There: New Perspectives

Go outside.  Be outdoorsy.

We used to walk or bike to school, but as the little guy outgrew the stroller and the Trail Gator, but still isn’t confident on a bike we thought we were stuck driving.  After a year of driving, we were all ready for a change.  I announced to the kids that it would be really good for me to walk to school and help me with my goals of being healthier and that it would be fun.  I expected a little resistance so I planned some kind of reward.

 1.35 miles is a great way to start the day.
So far, not only has there been no resistance but it’s been a joy for all of us.  Without even trying to make it fun, here’s what our first walk brought us.

A first break into the street.

Construction zones make the walk more fun.

Moon shining in the morning.
Look there is the moon. Doesn’t the moon know it is time to go to sleep? Where is the sun?
Oh there it is! I can feel it warming my back.


Taking a poll...is this pole cold?
We took short cuts and discovered new ones.

Create your own adventure.  Make it a through street.

See the world...even if it is just your street.

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