My Modern Housewife Morning

So this is what it comes to:  Being a modern parent, housewife, freelancer. 

I am ready to walk out the door and walk the 1.3 miles to school to fulfill my #fit4fall goals, but while I was checking email and Facebook on my iPhone all of a sudden it is 7:20 and by the time sneakers are tied we won’t have the time to beat the first bell. 


It has been over a week since I neglected our grocery list and the toilet paper (TP) supply is running dangerously low, and I have a conference call at 9 a.m.  So, I drop the kids off at their respective classrooms, hop in the car, call Uncommon Grounds to see if they wouldn’t mind making my breakfast (egg sandwich on English muffin, with cheddar and bacon), pick up said sandwich (I know I’ll have my green smoothie for lunch to counteract this one indulgence). 

Today, I will forgo Market Basket (too long a drive), and skip Wilson Farms, Russos or the farmer’s market because I only need a select few things like sugar, tissues, and the much needed TP.  Target is not open yet so I have just enough time to snap a photo of my breakfast and post it on Foodspotting and Pinterest and then eat my breakfast in a civilised manner. And by ‘civilised’ I mean not driving, not while cleaning the kitchen, not as I’m walking out the door to pick up the kids from school. I admit I often eat my breakfast or what’s left if it as I head out to pick the kids up for school.

I have just enough time to get my shopping done. Grab a coffee from Starbucks on the way out and settle into my Target-parking-lot-Volvo-car-office. I put my coffee in the cup holder and dial in to the conference call. Tomorrow the members of this call and I are all panelists at Dana Hall discussing The Art and Science of Volunteer Management.

The voices are all in stereo, loud and clear through my car’s speaker system. I sip my cappuccino and take notes on my iPhone.

An hour later my coffee cup is empty, the call ends, I start up the car and drive home. At home I unload groceries, put them away, clear off my real desk that has been buried for weeks, and write some notes for tomorrow ‘s panel. I look at the clock and I have one hour before I head out to pick up the kids. Quick lunch. Pack up Belle’s piano bag. Pack two little after school snacks. And, off I go.

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