World Food Day: The world is your oyster

It is World Food Day today. What does that mean to you?

My first thoughts are about the inequity of those beyond satiated and those always left hungry. The excess on one plate and emptiness on another.

20131016-093443.jpgThen I think about the earth and what we are doing or not doing. Cambridge is piloting a compost pick up program for a year. GMOs are being rejected around the world and here attention is being swatted away by large wealthy companies. We all seem to be paying attention more to our food and where it comes from. There is talk and some action, but we can always use more.

20131016-095320.jpgI cannot help thinking about science and hope here. Ironically that might involve some toeing the line with GMO but not necessarily. There are many scientists, environmentalists, political scientists and students who have shared their thoughts in TED Talks .

Then, I allow myself to indulge and daydream about the good stuff. The beauty if food not only in the experience of it through taste and smell, but the way it brings people together. Our world is shrinking in the sense that we have Starbucks in every square around the world, but also in the way that we have access through blogs, cookbook recipes, friends, and neighbors to taste the world at home. Ingredients can be found that were once reserved for those who knew and understood them as passed down by family. Now we can Google it, Yelp ok or Chowhound a store or ask
Amazon to ship it to our kitchens.

We also have power through food. To boycott companies with ignorant CEOs to raise money for those in need, to support research, to so research, and to share whatever wealth we have whether it be money , knowledge, or a really good pie recipe.

What does World Food Day mean to you?


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