Don’t Get Spooked By all the Halloween Festivities

If your family life is anything like ours, then your child is probably invited to put on their Halloween costume and attend about a half dozen Halloween parties before Halloween actually arrives.  The plus side of all that is that you get to dress your child in their fabulous Halloween costume that you either spent loads of money on (or picked up for a great price at TJ Maxx or the yard sale next door but no one needs to know that) or spent hours sewing (or hot gluing because hey, hot glue is amazing).  The down side is that somehow it is all stealing Halloween’s thunder.  Sometimes I think, can’t it just be Halloween?  Do we need an excuse to eat more sugary ghost like treats and drink more blood red cocktails?  Well, maybe an extra cocktail here or there is okay.

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween.

Like it or not, there are some benefits to the parties.  They provide an opportunity for children to be in costume and not freeze their little tushies off.  They also allow children to celebrate who may not be able to go out and trick or treat around their neighbourhood for whatever reason.  The only one thing that I just can’t tolerate for Halloween are towns that move the date.  Halloween is on October 31st it’s not on the lunar calendar, it doesn’t follow the work week calendar it is what it is.  Just leave it be.  Sometimes convenience doesn’t trump all.

As for what to bring or serve at the Halloween parties, between Pinterest, Martha Stewart, Ree Drummond, and all your favorite local bakeries, gourmet shops the options are endless.

For my children’s party being held at their fencing gym, I chose these quick and easy Ghostinis from the Food Network to bring.  Not only because they are cute, but also I can make various spreads that will satisfy every food allergy, and palate…I hope.

Then I’ll go home and enjoy a Cranberry Margarita or a nice cold Zombie’s Blood over ice in a highball.


Then I’ll wake up and start my day with a breakfast cranberry green smoothie.


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