Jewelry à La Mode: Gemvara Pop Up

These days you can find or make just about anything if you try hard enough. Between DIY instructions pinned on a Pinterest, Etsy, online shopping on big sites like Amazon and then of course all the craft fairs as well as your favourite shops, the perfect gift is out there it is just a matter of finding it.

I ‘discovered’ Gemvara earlier this year when I was invited to preview some of their jewels and try out making a piece of my own on the website. I was unsure about measuring my finger for a ring even though I had a measuring kit. I had a blast designing my ring online but I have to admit I was kind of nervous about pressing ‘order’. Jewelry is usually such a hands on experience. So, to bridge that gap, in comes the Gemvara pop up. The perfect solution. A gorgeous gallery space on Newbury street where you can try everything on. You can learn about the choices of gems and precious metals, order you piece with someone by your side to help or head home and have a great starting point to make your creation.

Tonight is the grand opening of The Gemvara Experience. Here is a peek at the store. As a special treat, whether you order from home or stop in just to browse, when you order your piece you will get a pair of gemstone stud earrings just because.










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