McDonald’s By the Book


I went to McDonald’s and found a cucumber and books. It is true that McDonald’s isn’t a place I frequent often for many reasons, but the reality is that every once in a while we crave those fries, and the ease and familiarity of a happy meal.

In terms of nutritional or culinary value, McDonald’s isn’t winning any great awards, but if I want fast food fries it has to be McDonald’s because they do it best.  Even when I didn’t eat meat, I would order a hamburger (no patty) because I love the taste of the soft white bun, the sweet tangy ketchup and mustard and the perfect bite of the tiny chopped onions.  There’s a time and place for a little fast food.

On this recent visit to McDonald’s, the children and I were invited to celebrate McDonald’s new partnership with Reading is Fundamental to help children and families enjoy the gift of a book.  Even though we had regular visits to the library and bookmobile as a kid and shelves full of books I remember the free books in the doctor’s waiting room so clearly to this day.  McDonald’s has a lot of power from the bright yellow golden arches on highways, and city street corners all over the world.  What I love about the books replacing toys for a while is that there is no “boy or girl” gendered toy for a bit.  I wish McDonald’s would just ask truck or doll, x or y toy, without the gender assumptions.  The books are actually very cute, from the illustrations to the stories themselves.  The level is right for new readers but has enough of a story that you won’t fall off your chair of boredom if you read it to those who can’t quite get through on their own yet.

Now for the cucumber.  So you already know I’m just there for the fries, but I was offered a deluxe wrap to try.  There it was right on top: a cucumber.  Although, I wish I had stuck to my vegetarian days and just had them leave off the meat, I actually enjoyed it.  I’m not a fan of processed meat especially chicken, but I like ranch, I like a nice crispy handful of iceberg lettuce, and there was that perfectly tasty cucumber.  Next time we go through the drive through, I’m definitely considering a wrap again…hold the chicken.

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