Keeping Kosher for the Holidays: Stationery Quandries

I love stationery.  I always have.  I think it is a tradition that got passed down from my aunt Kathie.  She has beautiful stationery and even better tiny, perfect handwriting.  I probably have every letter and card she’s sent me stashed away in various places.

“So what?” you think.  “What does stationery have to do with the holidays and keeping kosher?”

Since you asked, let me explain…

We’re Jewish. We’re not religious and we definitely don’t keep kosher, but we’re Jewish by tradition.  I grew up connected to Judaism through traditional meals, traditional high holidays, connecting with family at traditional celebrations: bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and funerals.  I know my culture through it’s traditions more than through its faith and that’s how I feel connected to it.

Despite the fact that I love crafting and decorating, and Christmas is one of the best holidays ever for crafting and decorating, we just don’t do Christmas.  We dip our toes a bit with cookie decorating, and occasionally make ornaments for grandma and grandpa’s tree, but that’s where we draw the line… sort of.

Christmas cards.  I don’t think Canadians do Christmas cards really and I know Jews definitely don’t, but I love stationery. Especially in this digital age, I love the idea of sending something tangible by mail to all my friends and family.  I like sending a card to the colleagues with the thought “Hey, you’re important to me and I’m thinking about you.”  I think it started after we got married, the cards start arriving.  It was then, that I decided we could join the fun too.  We’d just make it a “Happy New Year” card.  I’ve never been a “happy holidays” person and when we first got married the non-Christmas cards didn’t really exist.

Times have changed.

I have a couple favourite stationers and Minted is one of them.  I’ve ordered stationery for each of the family members in the past and we’ve done holiday cards with them before, but it’s been a while. Minted has offered me the opportunity to write a sponsored post for them, and since I was in the middle of designing my cards with them anyway, I figured, why not share what it is I like about Minted?

My Kind of Minted

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