Restaurant Review & Guest Post: Temple Bar

I write about food, which includes restaurants, but I cringe a bit when I’m asked if I do restaurant reviews. I don’t write about food to review restaurants because taste as well as the restaurant experience is such a personal thing. On the other hand, I like supporting my local chefs and restaurateurs because feeding a room full if such varied palates and expectations is really hard to do let alone do well. I share what I like. Those with the skill and passion should be noticed and supported and that is why I post.

I write about food most of all to share the joy of a great experience. I want others to be blown away or transported by a bite, a spoonful, a morsel that I have had somewhere.

Today, I came across a piece of writing that made me want to revisit a restaurant that I have not been to in a while. That’s what food writing it is all about; Getting us out of our routines, comfort zones, neighborhoods or homes and into those restaurant seats to order off the menu.

Guest Post: Temple Bar
By, Tony W.



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