George Howell Coffee Shop (Newtonville)


This week I stopped into George Howell coffee shop in Newtonville.  It was a great place to meet a friend for coffee.  When I arrived, the place was completely full, but within minutes a table was free for us.  There are a handful of seats at the counter and a 1/2 dozen tables or more.

On the menu there were some nice surprises: a Cortado (which is like an espresso version of a café au lait), my much beloved Affogato, an Undertow which is layered espresso, cold milk, and simple syrup. and Con Panna which is espresso over homemade whipped cream. 

There were plenty of baked goods from Iggy’s, Danish Pastry House, Swissbäkers, and for those who want something glutenfree there was a gorgeous coffee cake from Glutenus Minimus.

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