Rhubarb Spoon Sweets: Sofra

What you see is the blushing pink of the local spring rhubarb.


What you don’t see is the rose. The spoon sweets keep the tartness of rhubarb and mix with the earthy floral fragrant quality of rose water. It is like a spring walk through the neighbourhood. You feel the cool of the morning breeze on your exposed arms and the heat of the rising sun on your face. While enjoying these sensations of spring you turn the corner, as you inhale your lungs fill with the unexpected scent of flowers (usually lilac or honeysuckle this time of year). It catches you off guard and makes you pause to savour it all.

Spoon sweets can be bought in Sofra’s fridge, you can order a simit with spoon sweets, or indulge in my favorite semolina pancakes served with spoon sweets. The sweets change with the season. Rhubarb is my favorite so get in and enjoy while it lasts.

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