Date Me: Let ‘s Keep it Strictly Tableside

You know someone using Your best friend married their JDate. Christian Mingle is out there too. It’s not a new concept and it seems to work for many. Heck even the Kardashian sisters convinced their little sister to try out online dating.

I don’t need a date. Well I do need a date but not the romantic relationship kind. I need someone to share a dish with. You see, there are dishes out there that I really want to try but I can’t imagine eating the whole thing.

Example 1- State Park has something that seems like a pimento grilled cheese BLT sandwich. It glistens with golden butteriness and I’m thinking I want about a 1/4 of it. So, I guess I need a ménage à trois to share this with.


Example 2- Do you see that dish on the pass? It looks like heaven. It’s not mine because I’ve got a fabulous bowl of rice and charred vegetables sitting below my chopsticks. But this egg bahn mi from Myers and Chang looks decadent and delectable with several slabs of mahogany bacon perched on top of the eggs. I think I’d like to share this with one or two people.

All you tech-savy, app developer types, listen up. I need an app that let’s me find someone who will share a bite. No strings attached.

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