Dog Town: Boston’s Best Hot Dogs

I love a good hot dog.  I’m just as likely to stop for one out on the town as I am to make one at home.  If I’m cooking at home my go to dogs are these ones.

Niman Ranch dog at the Formaggio Kitchen BBQMy son likes the Hebrew National Reduced Fat hot dogs (Not the 97% lean – those are too chewy.)  These are not my first choice but they’re not too bad.

My daughter likes the paler hot dogs that are not all beef from Market Basket.  They are the natural casing hot dogs.  They probably are the least “clean” dogs we buy but she only has them on occasion so I am okay with it.  She has been a fan of the Applegate hot dogs in the past as well so we’ll see what she thinks when we do another taste test.  For her it’s more about more pork and less beef and they should be a lighter colour.

I like to make the Niman Ranch, Applegate or  Pearl Hot Dogs if we are having a cookout.

Now where do I go in town for a hot dog?

I line up at the Formaggio Kitchen street side BBQ on Saturdays.

Lone Star Taco bar for their Sonoran hot dog.

Shake Shack for their Chicago dog.

Kirkland Tap and Trotter for their house made hot dog.

H-Mart for pizza with hot dog on it.

Trina’s Starlight Lounge for their dog of the day.

Not exactly a hot dog but it must be included: the sausage roll at KO Pies.

Side Note:  Where I grew up in K-W Ontario the hot dogs were all called Schneider’s I remember seeing the trucks around town.



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