A Back to School Alphabet: Where to Eat

A - All Star Pizza Bar  All Star Pizza Bar: For their awesome toppings.(Cambridge)

Barismo: For the best coffee roasting and cappuccinos (Arlington)b - Barismo

c - CloverClover: For their collection of trucks and brick and mortar shops that will keep you well fed fast.  (Cambridge, Boston, Burlington, Brookline, Watertown)

d - Deluxe Town DinerDeluxe Town Diner: For their delectable diner dishes from breakfast to dinner. (Watertown)

East by Northeast: An excellent spot for a e- East by Northeastquiet date night as well as their exquisite hand pulled noodles. (Cambridge)

F - Full MoonFull Moon: For family friendly fare that doesn’t forget about the parents in a fun setting especially for kids. (Cambridge)

Guilia:  Another great on my must try list.  I have heard great things G - Guiliaabout Guilia.  I don’t eat much pasta especially in the summer so fall will bring me in to taste what the buzz is all about. (Cambridge)

h - Hi Rise Bread Co.Hi Rise: A heavenly spot for an after school snack. (Cambridge)

Il Casale: For an Italian date night in the suburbs. Perfect in case you dread parking in the city. i - Il Casale(Belmont, Lexington)

J - Japonaise BakeryJaponaise Baker: Just go try something different.  If you are not feeling adventurous get the bread and make French toast. (Cambridge, Brookline)

K - Kirkland Tap & TrotterKirkland Tap & Trotter: Kid friendly but still hip and fabulous.  A place that caters to your palate and sensibilities but doesn’t ignore the little ones. (Somerville)

L - Lyndell'sm - M.F. DulockLyndell’s: Luscious finger-licking icing including fresh strawberry for all your birthday party and celebratory treats. (Somerville)

M.F. Dulock: Meat.  If you make meat, make it really really good meat. (Somerville)

N - Neillio'sNeillo’s: Not your average sandwiches and catering.  Their roasted turkey is cut to order for sandwiches and if you like salty meats then try the Romanian pastrami. (Lexington)

OpenTable: Oh, just a little last minute reservation for that o - OpenTablespontaneous date night because the sitter is free tonight or the in-laws are in town. (on your phone/online)

P - PiccoPicco: Pizza for after dance class, a gallery walk, SOWA or a show in the South End. (Boston)

Little Q Hot Pot: Quenches your thirst and satiates your hunger with their amazing broths. (Arlington)Q - Little Q Hot Pot and Qing Dao Garden

Qing Dao Garden: (For the alphabet sticklers) For their authentic and delectable dumplings and more. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff what to order. (Cambridge)

R - RialtoRialto: Rest on Sunday & let Rialto cook dinner. Start your week off right with their Sunday Burger or Monday $1 oysters depending which day your start your week with. (Cambridge)

Sarah’s Market: For their soup, sandwiches, or a super iced coffee in the morning.  There is something for everyone any time of day S - Sarah's Markethere and the place is so friendly you can’t help but smile. (Cambridge)T - Trade

Trade: To escape the office for a fabulous business lunch. (Boston)

U - Ula's CaféUla Café: Up there on my “to try” list.  I’ve heard from, Liz Koch, the owner of nearby Hatched (a cute little eco boutique for kids) that they have delicious popovers and crispy rice treats and her son raves about their “super duper chocolate cookies”. (Jamaica Plain)

V - Vicki Lee'sVicky Lee’s: A very cute little bakery that serves breakfast and lunch.  Perfect spot to pick up pastries for the teachers or some treats for that Parent Association meeting.  (Belmont)

West Bridge:  A welcome break from lunch W - West Bridgeat your desk.  Meet a friend for a working lunch or your loved one for a late night cocktail after a busy week of school pick ups, drop offs, homework, and Little League. (Cambridge)

x fill in the blankX: X marks the spot.  What is your favourite spot to eat out? Where will you treat yourself…
…for a coffee right after school drop off?
…for a sandwich during lunch?
…for dinner out at the end of the first week of school?

Yelp: You love to hate Yelp, but if you live in a big city there’s a good Y - Yelpchance you can find a few pictures of the food being served.  If you have picky children, seeing a photo of someone’s fries (eww there is skin on it!!) or a picture of their pizza (too saucy) can be a lifesaver for parents in a pinch.  Also check out KidNosh for their fork ratings specifically designed for families.  (on your phone/online)

Z - Zoe's ChineseZoe’s Chinese: Zapped by a falling facade. I have heard so many great things about Zoe’s Chinese but they have been closed after the facade of their building collapsed last year.  Eater Boston Editor, Rachel Leah Blumenthal, loves the Sichuan-style portion of the menu, particularly the fish filet with hot chili sauce. They also have good soup dumplings.  There is nothing better than a good soup dumpling on a crisp fall evening. Zoe’s reopens today, Tuesday, August 12th.  (Somerville)


12 Comments Add yours

  1. MaryAnne says:

    What fun! Your post has me missing Massachusetts.


    1. leahklein says:

      Come back for a visit soon! Who doesn’t ‘t love fall here?


  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    What a fun idea and way to present local restaurants. I wonder if I could do that here.


  3. I love this! Sadly, I’m about 45 minutes from the city so I don’t often head up with both kids but my brother at MIT would love this!


    1. leahklein says:

      45 mins. isn’t too far! Come on in some time!


  4. I went to Tufts for grad school and loved being in Boston! Your list makes me want to go back for a visit with my family since its been a long time since we’ve visited Beantown!


  5. You’ve got 26 wonderful things to do!!! Have fun!


  6. Pilar says:

    What a fun way to present local restaurants!


  7. I love this list Leah! We used to go to Full Moon all the time when our kids were small. Such a clever way to organize restaurants for families!


  8. redshutters says:

    Oh, this post is making my stomach growl! I have never been Neillo’s – it’s now on my list – thanks, Leah!


  9. Some fantastic places to eat. If we ever get to the city we’ll have to check them out.


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