Thanksgiving Prep: Pie Crusts & Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce, ginger and pears.

Cranberry sauce and pie crusts are the first things I make for Thanksgiving.

I always make the same cranberry sauce from my Classic Canadian Cooking book from Elizabeth Baird.  I carry this cookbook with me wherever I go.  When I was little I had my “pink Mickey”, which was my blanket that brought me comfort.  Ever since college I’ve had my Classic Canadian Cooking book that I carry with me like a security blanket.  I’m not home unless I have it with me.

Even though I love my traditional cranberry sauce, simply made, with Port, cloves, and a little orange zest, I’ve been hearing about so many good variations that I think I need to add a second sauce to the feast this year.

For example, Kathy Can Cook mentioned a cranberry sauce she was making with pear and ginger.  It sounded divine.  (Will you post the recipe soon Kathy?!)

As for the pie crust, I’m not a baker.  I have only recently come to terms with pie crust making in general.  Earlier this year, I made the much talked about Vodka pie crust ( Christopher Kimball’s Foolproof Pie Dough – NYTimes).  I like how rich and flaky it is, but I think it is too rich for a pumpkin pie, so I need to go back to either this one that I made this summer (Nectarine, Plum, Raspberry Pie – Bon Appétit 2014).  Then again, I might make this “perfect pie crust” from Ina Garten because I remember how easy the crust was to handle (Perfect Pie Crust – Ina Garten).

Do you have a favourite pie crust recipe?  I will also be making one pie crust with lard for our dairy-free diners.  I just have to make sure the vegetarian and non-pork eating diners know which are which.  Since this year will be a buffet rather than a sit down dinner, I will take a break from cooking and enjoy some time crafting.  I love this place cards from The Kitchn.  I would just do them as labels for the dishes.  I like to use little rubber stamps, a carrot, a pig, a cow, to highlight which dishes are vegetarian, which dishes have pork, and which dishes have dairy.

Roasted Pork.
Roasted Pork.

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