Massage: An Enviable Start to the New Year (Giveaway)

January is well under way and I’ve realised that this first month of a year, which should be exciting, refreshing, and renewing is actually a bit of a rough month. We had a nice winter break, but there have been a lot of kids sick and parents too. New classes start up and old ones end. School bumps it up a notch as the kids pass the midway mark and special events pile up. Parents are thinking ahead as summer camp deadlines approach and all of a sudden the good intentions and squeaky clean resolutions and new habits get all bunched up into one major stress ball of a mess.

Before vacation, I was invited to visit Massage Envy. I have always been a fan of massages and I think it’s really important to get the occasional massage. Find a massage therapist that you love and visit them as often as you can afford to, which may be once a month or may be once a year. When Wellspace was in Cambridge, and I was doing ballet and working out 5 days a week at the gym, I had monthly massages. It was an important part of my health and fitness. Since then, I have gotten massages at Bella Santé and Sollievo, and I go infrequently because of time and money. In reality, though, we could all benefit from more regular massages and it is not always affordable. What I learned by trying out Massage Envy is that it is actually an affordable way to continue massage on a regular basis. I went to the Massage Envy in Cambridge off of Memorial Drive, so it was easy to get to, plenty of parking and because Massage Envy has so many locations, most people aren’t too far from one of them.  Their membership program is great especially if time gets away from you, because if you don’t use your monthly massage, you can still use it the following month.  Memberships are $59.99 per month and include:

  • A customized massage every month, or a Murad® Healthy Skin facial for an addition $10
  • Additional massages and facials at the membership rate
  • Unused massages rollover
  • Opportunities to earn free massages and upgrades
  • Family add-on specials
  • Retail discounts
  • Family members within the same household can get additional membership  for $49.99.

When I went to Massage Envy, I was offered tea after checking in and a warm flax pillow to set the tone. Then, in the waiting area which is more generic waiting area with people on their phones than spa quiet area, I waited briefly for my massage therapist to arrive. The massage itself was excellent. They massage therapist I had was very skilled. The therapists at each Massage Envy have specialties so I recommend finding out what the different specialties are before you choose who you will see.

To help you start the year on a good note and unwind a little of that stress ball each month, Massage Envy is giving away a three month membership.

Enter here.

 photo massage envy_zpsxt8yqzsh.jpg

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  1. Oh, this subscription/membership is interesting. It might force me to schedule more “me” time!


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