Lunch in Concord: Saltbox Kitchen

When we dine in Concord it is usually summer and a trip to Bedford Farms is included.  We spent a lot of summer time out in Concord at our Farm Share (dining on barely washed organic carrots, and still warm from the sun raspberries or strawberries) in nearby Lincoln.  We rush to Donelan’s, the grocery store, to get a quick makeshift picnic to bring to the pool after a long summer day.  On other days, we slide into a booth at Sorrento’s for some salad, pizza and pasta.

Recently, I went out for lunch to have some quality time with a few of my favourite people and our lunch took us to West Concord where newly opened Saltbox Kitchen is creating quite a buzz.  At first glance, I fell in love, and I am counting down the days until my next meal!  Thank goodness I have many more favourite people I want to spend quality time with in a fab space with some tasty food.

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Saltbox Kitchen also had gluten free meatballs that looked delicious. Their kid’s menu includes a Bento Box with different vegetables daily, grilled cheese, and gluten free pasta with butter and cheese

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