Dog Days of Summer Start Now: Kirkland Tap and Trotter


What does “doy days of summer” even mean?  According to Becky Little in National Geographic, dog days of summer refer to the stars and how the ancient Greek interpreted them. In ancient Greece, the constellation Canis Major was thought to be a dog chasing Lepus, the hare. The star Sirius is the dog’s nose; the Greeks called it the “dog star.”  Now we usually use it to refer to the tail (pun intended) end of summer. Speaking of stars and dogs, Kirkland Tap & Trotter has some culinary stars creating delicious dogs all summer long.  This Monday night event will run through September and 50% of the proceeds will go to No Kid Hungry, which works to end childhood hunger in the United States.

Kicking off the event tonight is Kristen Kish (a jane of many trades, but mostly a fantastic chef, which is most relevant in this case).  Kristen Kish’s dog sounds like a food-lover’s dream version of a junk-food lover’s chili cheese dog.  Scrap the chili (it’s summer so keep it lighter) and throw in some green apples, celery and a little mustard for some body.  Then there is a Comté cheese sauce, and a little parsley and chervil on top.  I’m in! Who would think of that?! A top chef would, and with Kish’s know-how I have no doubt it will be delicious. Get Kristen Kish’s hot dog on Mondays though June 27th.

Stay tuned for more on the upcoming dogs which will be created by Susan Regis of Shepard, Tim Cushman of O-Ya and Hojoko, and Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley of Eventide Oyster Co.

Chef Tony Maws - The Kirkland Dog (1)
Chef Tony Maws’ The Kirkland Dog. This is anything but basic but there’s nothing wrong with some variations on a theme.  I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with…or rather taste what everyone comes up with.  Photo courtesy of Kirkland Tap & Trotter
For the competitive eaters in the city, you don’t have to stuff yourself silly, but rather, get a punch card and try each chef’s version of the dog of the day.  Those who try all four versions will be entered for a chance to work with Tony Maws’ team to create their own hot dog which will be featured on the menu in October.  

Guest chefs will only be present at The Kirkland Tap & Trotter on the first Monday listed; their hot dogs will be available on each Monday until the next chef’s appearance.



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