Spa Getaway Experience Without Leaving Town: Linden Square Wellesley

Every summer I spend a few weeks in Wellesley and no there isn’t a Canyon Ranch hidden between Dana Hall and Wellesley College. What I like to do though, is to put together a “me day” that I like even better than spending the entire day in one building (although Canyon Ranch is definitely an exception – I’d take a day or a week there in a heartbeat).  When there isn’t time or money for a trip to Canyon Ranch a day at Linden Square is just right.  I recently went with a friend while our children were all at camp for the day (and a few overnight).

We began with a little stroll through the Wellesley College Campus.  Then, we headed over to Bella Santé for massages and pedicures (and yes I chose a Hello Kitty colour of course!).  If you can go early, just relaxing in the quiet lounge area with a glass of citrus infused water is a mini vacation in itself. 

After the spa, we headed to The Cottage for lunch.  This caprese flatbread was delicious and I went for a spa vibe and enjoyed one of their spa drinks. I had the de-stress with mango, strawberry juice and some blueberry and blackberries. 

When I was planning this day, there were so many options.  I also considered starting the day, if had been a rainy day, with a Pure Barre class, a dance class or a little workout on the machines at the Beacon Hill Athletic Club.  Depending on what time you schedule your spa treatments, a little shopping is fun too.  A few of my favourite stores at Linden Square are Sara Campbell (for me), Kenzie Kids (for Isabelle) and Magic Beans (for Henry).  

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