Weekend Guide: All the Fluff that’s Fit to Print Sept. 23-25

Weekends this time of year can fill up with lessons and errands, but every weekend needs a little something fun and unexpected thrown in.  From The Sound of Music to Jazz to Bach and on to brunch and fall festivals there is so much to choose from.

9/23 8 p.m. (Cambridge). The MIT Lecture Series hosts all kinds of movie nights throughout the year.  This Friday, at 8 p.m. In room 26-10, join students and community members for a Sound of Music sing-a-long. ($4)

9/23 6:30 – 9:30 (Boston) Latin Night at the Boston Center for the Arts.  Head to the Calderwood Pavillion for a spicy night of music and dancing.  ($15/$20 at the door) 

9/23, 9/25, 9/30, 10/2 (Boston) The Boston Lyric Opera along with the San Francisco Opera are co-producing Carmen set in the 1970’s post-Franco Spanish North Africa.  The performance will be at the Boston Opera House.  ($47-$112)

9/24 11 a.m.-6 p.m. (Boston) Head over to the Lawn on D for Kids Really Rock Festival. A lineup of all the local kids’ hottest bands will be performing, make art, play with mud and just have a fun family day out on the town.  (free and/or donate a can of food for the Greater  Boston Food Bank)

9/24 3-7 p.m. (Somerville) What the Fluff?  Somerville celebrates one of their claims to fame: marshmallow Fluff.  There will be music and dancing, and cooking contests as well as a whole lot of Fluff.  There will be all kinds of shenanigans including fluff musical chairs, fluff jousting and blind man’s fluff.  In addition, you can enjoy some non-Fluff foods as well as crafts and various other community booths.

9/24 12:00-6:00 p.m. (Boston) What the world needs now is a lot of jazz and a lot of peace.  This year’s theme for the Beantown Jazz Festival is Jazz: A Peace Supreme.  Spend the day at the largest block party in town and take in some tunes, some good vibes and a small taste of what this town has to offer on the music front.  There will be performances, KidsJam, a chance to explore some instruments at the instrument “petting zoo” and interactive readings. (free)

9/24 is Museum Day (National).  Smithsonian magazine hosts Museum Day Live!  Just find out which of your local museums are free on Saturday, download a ticket and get out and explore. Mass Audubon’s Trailside Museum, Jackson Homestead and Museum, Harvard Museum of Naturaly History, The Mary Baker Eddy Library, and the Old South Meeting House are all options, just to name a few. Choose wisely as your ticket is valid for one museum only. (free)

9/24 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. (Waltham) Fall is officially here, head to Gore Place for the Fall Festival and soak it all in.  Pumpkin drops, Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, beer and a Beer Can Museum, music and childrens’ activities as well as some pretty cool grounds to explore.  Tickets available here. ($11.34/adult/children under 12 free.  Free onsite parking)

9/24 & 9/25 If you want to head out of town the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard (the town not the university) has their craft fair this weekend or head up to Penttengill Farm for their Vintage Bazaar.

9/25 3 p.m. -or 9/23 at 7:30- (Boston) Get some Bach in your system with Bach Magnificat from the Handel and Haydn  (and sometimes Bach) Society.  Step into to Symphony Hall to soak up this joyful masterpiece. ($545-$98 – $37.50 + fees via Bostix)

9/25 (Winchester) Go raspberry picking at Wright Locke Farm.  The raspberries are so sweet this time of year.  Just check the website or call before heading over to confirm that they are picking on Sunday.  If you’re really adventurous in the kitchen or you want to be, then consider signing up for their Intro to Pressure Canning class on Sunday from 4-7 (raspberries priced/pound)

9/25 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Springfield) The Big E is a New England tradition and a sight to be seen.  Some must experience it every year and for others’ it is a once in a lifetime outing.  It is Americana, state pride, living museum, crafts, and agricultural events all in one.  ($15/adult $10/children free/children 5 and under plus $$ for rides and food of course)

Saturday brunch feels kind of fabulous and a little rebellious.  Townsman is serving up their Trunk Brunch this Saturday.  If you haven’t been to Townsman yet you’re definitely missing out on amazing food, fab vibe and a great space to spend a chunk of your weekend. What is a Trunk Brunch?  It is trunk show meets brunch and has a party.  There will be music, jewelry, ceramics and other fab wares for sale, and as always a #caketable because not everyone does brunch…but everyone does cake. Brunch is from 11-2 on Saturday.

For brunch on Sunday, classic but not average, one of my favourite brunches around is at Puritan & Co in Cambridge, but if I want to go to Boston, I’ll probably head over to brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar.

New to the scene for brunch there is Article 24 over in Brighton from 10-3 both Saturday and Sunday.  Down in Quincy, The Townshend is now serving up brunch too and I’ve got my eyes on those carrot cake fritters after I have some bruléed grapefruit (just like my bubbe used to make me except she used cinnamon- I like the idea of thyme).

Did You Know?!

Sunday 9/25 is National Lobster Day  I hear Luke’s Lobster is offering up a Lobster Day special.  If you can get in, a lobster roll at Neptune Oyster and B&G Oysters are both amazing.  For a unique experience, head to Cambridge for lobster rolls at Alive & Kicking Lobsters.  Summer Shack is another great spot and of course Island Creek Oyster Bar and Row 34 too.  If you’re done with lobster rolls and want some lobster comfort food then you have to check out Bear in Boots, but 1st call ahead to see if they have some of their amazing lobster mac and cheese on the menu this weekend.

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