Lunch on the Pier: Pier 6 Boston


There is something comforting about being by the water in the winter.  It’s quiet and peaceful.  The windows are all closed and it feels cosy to be inside overlooking the water.  Something about the clear cool air and the quietness of the water is refreshing.  I met with a few fellow bloggers recently for lunch at Pier 6.  We were invited to see what Pier 6 had to offer and enjoyed a nice quiet lunch.


The oysters were fresh, the cocktails were well made and the gnocchi were surprisingly light.  I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect and sometimes an ocean-side restaurant will rely on their view and not put effort into the food itself.  I was pleasantly surprise to find that Pier 6’s food matched its view.


You may have enjoyed your New Year’s Eve oysters, but don’t stop there.  There is nothing quite like a freshly shucked oyster in the middle of the day to make an ordinary day feel special.


The cheese and charcuterie board was good.  The cheeses were excellent.  I found that cranberry mostarda didn’t quite go with the rest of the dish, but the addition of roasted nuts was a nice treat.


The crab cakes were delicious.  There was plenty of whole chunks of crab and the texture was just right.  Neither stodgy nor mushy at all.  The outside was crisp and the inside was filled with big pieces of flaky crab.


I really enjoyed the gnocchi.  They were light in texture and cozy and rich in flavour.  The gnocchi with wild mushrooms is a perfect winter comfort food.


If you feel like a sandwich, the braised short rib melt is pretty fabulous but then again maybe you want a lobster roll.  If you go with a friend you can share 1/2 and 1/2 for the full Surf and Turf experience.

As for drinks, I’m always in favor of a cocktail so long as its a good one and I really enjoyed the cocktail I had with lunch.  The drink menu includes some well made cocktails, beer, wine and a couple of hot toddies as well.


Pier 6 is located in Charlestown and has a paid lot (credit card only).  There is also a covered garage nearby or,  there is street parking nearby (and you don’t have to worry about street cleaning in the winter).  Pier 6 is open for lunch, dinner and brunch. If you are planning a visit to the USS Constitution, Pier 6 is a great option for lunch or dinner.

Read more about Pier 6 over at A Little Bit About A Lot of Things (pics of the cocktail here will make you crave one), Family Friendly Boston (coming soon) and Capability Mom.

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