Membership is a Privilege: Groups, Associations & Organizations

These are some of the groups I belong to, follow, observe, dream about one day belonging to.  I don’t belong to the groups for the privilege of the group, but rather I respect the members, the goals, and the ideas generated by the groups.  I love to know what is going on around town especially if it’s a little outside the box.  I am active in some groups, and just a bystander in others.  They say, that membership has its privileges, but as Julius Henry Marx (aka Groucho) once said, “Please accept my resignation.  I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.”   I belong to these groups less because we are alike and more because we are different but all tied together with a common thread or two.

Food Related Groups:  Boston Food Bloggers, The Urban Homesteaders League, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Group, Boston & Cambridge Ethnic Dining, Boston Raw Food Group, Boston Tea Connoisseurs,  Food Snobs Unite, LocavoresFoodieBytes Blogger Program, The Boston Brunchers

Parenting Related Groups: Boston Parent BloggersArlington Parents ListCambridge Families Group* (Yahoo), Huron Village Parents (Yahoo), Belmont Family Group (Google), Garden Moms (Big Tent), Boston Parents Network (Big Tent)

Writing Groups: Freelance Writing Jobs (Yahoo), Media Chowder, New England Chapter:  Society of Professional Journalists, Global Bloggers Network, Paying Writer Jobs (Yahoo),  FoodieBytes Blogger Program

Other:  Cinéclub Francophone de Boston, Cambridge Moveable Feast,  The Boston Expat Canadians, The Boston French Language Group, Boston Sports Association, Boston WebsiteSpark Group, Boston WordPress Community, Dance Action Network, Freecycle, Ravelry

* I am one of the moderators of this group.

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