Let’s begin with a little something scary.  Apparently, we’re still using a lot of plastic bottles and recycling very few.  Here is a great animation representation of that.  Yes, it’s a little scary but safe for all eyes young and old.  If you’re thinking ahead start getting your co-workers, teachers, a useful gift, but them a re-usable water bottle or cup for their coffee.  My most prized possession of the waste-free genre is my coffee cup.  You can buy it locally at Greenward.  www.greenwardshop.com/shop/new/6314-i-am-not-a-paper-cup-coffee-cup/.

Drum roll please…the video:


I found a great candy store online for Halloween.  I’ll admit that I just bought bags at Market Basket (5 for $10) of the classic chocolate bars, pretzels etc.  However, if I were around for Halloween this year and doing our party as usual, I would definitely have placed an order here.  The sweets are all categorized: made in the USA, organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, feingold stage 1, feingold stage 2, allergen free

The natural candy store (www.naturalcandystore.com/)

Last on my list is a great little bag to put the goodies in.  I keep a Chico bag in my purse for those days that I forget everything.  Chico bags have come up with some great special edition bags for Halloween.  Check it out here: www.chicobag.com/c-3-chicobag-limited-editions.aspx

Bon trick or treat. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

Coming up next:  more delivery 101, waste-free lunches, CSAs, cool weather food & snacks

For more info:
Greenward: www.greenwardshop.com/

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