This Week’s Pizza

In the fridge:  eggplant from Lindentree CSA, fresh mozzarella cheese from the CSA, plain old-school white mushrooms from Market Basket,  a tiny bit of Applegate ham left over from making lunches, whole wheat dough from whole foods thawing

In the pantry:  pizza sauce, oregano, Maldon’s sea salt, pepper grinder

On the counter:  CSA and farmer’s market garlic (note to self:  stock up on that amazing garlic to get through the winter)

My to do list:

1. Make kids dinner

2.  While the kids eat, chop the eggplant, wipe the mushrooms down with a damp paper towel, preheat oven, run 1/2 head of garlic under warm water, cut off the bottom of the bulb, take most of the papery skin off.

3. Take the kids up to bed (no bath tonight-I can’t be bothered).  Throw the eggplant, whole mushrooms, trimmed garlic in a roasting pan with olive oil and bang it into the oven.  No time to season I’ll do it when I come back downstairs.  Set the timer to turn the oven off since bedtimes have been never-ending lately.

4. Check email…procrastinate.  Okay I admit it.  Dough scares me.

5.  Make pizza:  Stretch the dough like I saw Daniel Cook do it on t.v. the other day with two fists.  Splash some sauce across my nicely elastic dough sans holes.  Slice up the leftover ham for on side, grate the fresh mozzarella on the other side (this one was quite firm so it was “grateable”-otherwise slice thinly).  Cut up the mushrooms.  Squeeze the garlic out of their skins and dot the other side with it.  Add the mushrooms, the eggplant and seasoning of your choice (mine were salt,pepper and oregano).  Wait until you hear your husband’s (or wife or partner or mystery guest’s) door slam in the driveway and bang it in the oven until it looks golden and bubbly.

6. Bon Appetit.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Look in your fridge.

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