Weekly Bump: Kids, Chefs, a Paris Transplant in Boston

This week there is something for everyone in the weekly bump.  So, here we go.

What do the following have in common:  touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight?  They are the five senses and they play a big role in our dining experiences.  Sensing a new restaurant in the North End comes to us from Paris.  3-star Michelin Chef, Guy Martin, has recently opened Sensing in Boston and definitely caters to the senses.  Touch:  soft, giving leather banquettes.  Sound:  in warmer weather, the waterfront sounds.  Smell:  wafts from the kitchen. Taste:  the chef fuses, Asian, French and American flavours while using best that New England has to offer such as cheeses provided by Formaggio Kitchen.  Sight:  a chef’s table overlooking the action in the kitchen.  Dinner definitely takes on a new dimension when you see it transformed from raw ingredient to final plating.

The Boston Shaker (TBS) has teamed up with LUPEC Boston and Mount Gay Rum to keep tradition alive.  This Saturday, January 17th  from 2:00 – 6:00 you can head over to TBS at Grand in Somerville for a hot buttered rum and pick up the recipe to share the warmth.  While you sip you can also save 10% on all purchases.

Slow down
Slow Food Boston is getting ready to start up their potlucks again.  The first one of the year is scheduled for January 25th (time to be determined).  These are back by popular demand and promise to be better than ever in 2009.  There is a seasonal theme:  Winter in New England.  Once you decide whether you want to host or participate, a host is paired with a crew of interested and interesting members for the potluck.  There is a $5 fee which goes to Slow Food Boston to help support local farmers and gastronomic education. To enjoy this month’s potluck, please contact Lisa Lewis (reservoir7@comcast.net).

Okay I was too slow, because there is already a waitlist.  If you are interested in the Tuscan cooking demonstration, “What’s Cooking in Lucca?” you can place yourself on the list and hope for the best.

Dig in
Kids are always in my kitchen, but I think they’ll really feel empowered and special in Chef Peter Davis’ kitchen at Henrietta’s Table .  Saturdays, January 17th through February 28th, Chef Davis and his Sous Chefs will be giving cooking demonstrations for children.  If you’ve got any cabin fever with this cold bite going on outside, you can escape for the day.  Parents are welcome to dine, with a 10% discount,  while their children attend the class or come along to watch their future Michelin “star” .  Each class has a specific “menu”.   Afterward, you can head out together for a walk around Harvard Square, some skating at the Charles Hotel rink. or a little browsing at Curious George goes to Wordsworth Books.

Drink up
T.W. Food is hosting an Inauguration day dinner.  Next Tuesday, January 20th, the day we’ve all been waiting for,  not only will President Obama begin his magnum opus, in every sense of the words, but Chef Tim Wiechmann will preparing a five course meal to celebrate.  The menu will be five special courses with five American wines, from sea to shining sea.  The dinner will pair wines from California, Oregon and Connecticut with some of the best seasonal ingredients and inspired flavours.  I suggest reserving your spot at this little gem of a restaurant, as it is little, (617) 864-4745.

Bon appetit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Sensing:  A top chef from Paris finds Boston to his taste (Boston Globe), The Boston Shaker,LUPEC BostonSlow Food Boston EventsKids cooking class at Henrietta’s Table, T.W. Food,

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