Fashion Show Fun – Jack Wills at Corbu Spa

This was a great night out with a sneak peek at some of Corbu Spa‘s products and services (even though we’ve already been in for facials, and haircuts).  I learn something new every time!  Corbu Spa has lotions and luxuries that are made in house that we sampled with a relaxing hand massage.  Dan and I often argue about “smells” ..totally random I know… but we’ll often smell the same scent and think it is two totally different things.  This time it turns out that my lotion was cinnamon spice and his was peppermint.  We just assumed we had each had the same (teachable moment folks…teachable moment- assumptions are the death of us!)

In any case…here are some pics from the show.  Fun times and a good night out at the Charles Hotel!  Oh and yes, we felt very old, but not so old that we couldn’t enjoy it all!  Did I mention the Corbu-tinis?  Yum!

Jack Wills Fashion Show Hosted by Corbu Spa @ Charles Hotel

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