Where the heck am I? Dating, Parenthood and the Runway

It is not unusual, but you know you’ve hit rock bottom in the dating scene (the parental dating scene that is) when you’ve hired a sitter, put on some 1/2 way decent clothes and you’re stomping down the long runway…I mean aisles…together in the grocery store. Perhaps even worse (under guise of saving time so you can get home and to bed earlier) texting one another from one end of the store to the next so that you don’t get the wrong hot dogs.

Once you’ve recovered from that #fail night out, you might go out to dinner or even coffee the next time, but you end up discussing the laundry and maybe how the kids are doing in school.  Not the greatest date night again!  So what’s a tired parent to do?

#1  Go on a double date.  This really works!  Head out with another couple you’ll chat about more than your own kids (’cause that would be weird with the other couple right there).  You might try a new place or share a favorite old haunt.  It’s harder to get sucked into “problem solving”  when you’re out with others.  You suck up the positive energy from one another.  And then the following solo date night, you roll with that for a while and remember how to be together alone again!

#2 Do something different.  The newly renovated (and totally fabulous) Corbu Spa at the Charles hotel has a wonderful relaxation room where you can sit together in quiet and unwind side by side.  There’s also a couples treatment room where you can unwind together and re-enter the world feeling like you did in a time a place you can barely recall (before kids) and the world is new again!  You can go for a massage or just pamper your hands and feet there are so many Corbu Services.  If the spa is not your speed.  There’s music performances (remember those?), museum events, and so much more.  Our latest event was Dan’s first fashion show experience (which he survived).  We were definitely the older crowd, but it was fine and so much fun!

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