Lavender Pomegranate Cocktail with Greylock Gin

Another wonderful recipe from Liam over at Henrietta’s Table.  This one takes us from Winter to Spring with a hint of lavender and key lime foreshadowing the seasons ahead.

Lavender Pomegranate Cocktail

greylock gin lsck

2.5oz Greylock Gin
1.5oz Pomegranate Reduction
Splash of Key Lime Juice
Splash of Lavender Simple Syrup
Rim with Key Lime Sugar

Fill shaker with ice and combine the Gin, Pomegranate Reduction, Key Lime Juice and Lavender Simple Syrup. You will want to dip the rim of the rocks glass in lime juice or run a lime around the rim of the glass so that you can dip it into the sugar to rim. Shake up all of the ingredients
and pour into the rimmed rocks glass.

(Tips:  Use simple syrup instead of lime juice for a tighter, sweeter rim of sugar. To make key lime sugar splash lime juice over granulated sugar.  Let it dry slightly on a tray.  Then process in a food processor to “declump”.)

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