Sweet Valentine’s Day Love

If you live in the Boston area then there are a few ways to make Valentine’s day extra sweet whether you shop at Somerville’s Local is for Lovers 2.0, you satisfy your family’s sweet tooth with sweet, sassy, or just plain beautiful cupcakes from Party Favors, or you whip up something delicious in the kitchen and top it off with one of Felix Doolittle‘s perfectly precious personalized kitchen labels, there’s no need for Amazon.com or flowers shipped way across the country.  Tell those close to your heart that you love them with something made…well…close to your heart/body/home.

You can also enter to win your own set of chef’s medallions just in time to adorn your bag, jar, box of Valentine’s day treats.

Felix Doolittle Does Valentine's Day Like No Other
Felix Doolittle Does Valentine’s Day Like No Other
Poster courtesy of Somerville Local First
Poster courtesy of Somerville Local First

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