Lyndell’s Love: A Somerville Bakery With ‘Old School’ Charm

The thing about becoming a teacher or parent of a school aged child in the area is that you learn about all the important things.  Important things such as which playground has the best shade on a sunny morning or sun on a cool fall afternoon.  Important things such as which lunch box is sturdy but doesn’t weight a ton.  Important things such as which bakery has the best cupcakes in town.

The Red Velvet cupcake from Lyndell's Bakery in Somerville.  A Somerville institution since 1887.
The Red Velvet cupcake from Lyndell’s Bakery in Somerville. A Somerville institution since 1887.

As a first grade teacher I quickly learned that there were two and only two places to get cupcakes for a momentous occasion.  Party Favors in Brookline and Lyndell’s in Somerville.  I have been a regular customer at Lyndell’s ever since.  Last Thanksgiving I even explored the bakery beyond the cupcakes.  We brought in doughnuts for breakfast and served their perfectly miniature rolls with the soup.

Lyndell’s recently invited me to explore a little more and here is a sampling of what I discovered.  I have been a long time customer at Lyndell’s, however in this case, the pastries were provided for review and photography, as always, all opinions are my own.  One of my favourite new discoveries was this surf-board shaped waffle cookie filled with raspberry jelly.  It is a summer treat at Lyndell’s so you may have missed them this year but there are plenty of other treats to tempt you.  My all time favorite cupcake is the one frosted with fresh strawberry frosting.  There is nothing like biting into little pieces of strawberry as you work your way down to the fluffy, light cupcake.

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Lyndell’s Bakery is located at 720 Broadway in Somerville, MA.

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  1. thebakerswardrobe says:

    Hey looked at your blog it look awesome love it. Would be cool if you could check out mine I do something similar!


  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I am going there the next time I am up in Somerville. I am a sucker for a good cupcake.


  3. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    Oh goodness….everything looks heavenly. I’m a sucker for red velvet cake!


  4. Oh yum. This is a reason in itself to go visit Somerville! Looks so yummy!


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